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Welcome to Accelecom! You have chosen the new leader of customized telecom solutions in Kentucky, where providing the best possible customer experience is our top priority. You are now connected to the most advanced 100Gb geo-redundant fiber optic network available, serving enterprise and carrier clients in every county in Kentucky at market leading prices.

We make things easy for customers to achieve your business goals. If you have a billing or sales question, our Kentucky customer support team is available from 8 am to 6 pm Eastern Time at 502.586.7600, and by email at Telephone Technical Support is available 24/7 (press Option 3 for technical support).

You can also open a ticket for billing, sales or technical support by clicking the link below to the customer portal called BillCenter. Simply use the one-time access code (sent to you in a separate email) to create your own password, and activate your unique BillCenter account.

For details on how to use the convenient BillCenter customer portal features, click this link:

Just let us know if there is anything else we can do to improve your experience with services!

Kind Regards,
Accelecom Support

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    Client Login/Logout


    1. Access the BillCenter URL and enter your Username and Password.

    Accelecom Bill Center Login

    2. Once the information is entered, click the Login button. Once logged in, you will see the Summary Page for your account.

    Bill Center Overview and Summary

    Forgot Username or Password

    If you have forgotten either your Username and/or Password, click button for Need help logging in? and then follow the instructions.

    Sign Up for an Account

    If you wish to add additional Users to access your company's BillCenter account, click Sign up for Account and then follow the instructions.

    Bill Center Overview Page


    To logout, click the Logout link in the top right of the BillCenter application.


    Search Bar

    Use the Search Bar to search for any other accounts associated with your account.

    Bill Center Menu

    Top Page Navigation

    At the top of the landing page you will see these Tabs: Summary, Create, View & Pay Bills, Account Details, Reports, Downloads and Settings.

    1. The Summary Tab is the default page when logging into BillCenter.

    Bill Center Summary

    2. Summary Tab includes quick access to current information about your Account. For example, Bill Summary box on left shows if the account is set to autopay, as well as current amount due, account balance and options to make a payment or view payment history.

    Bill Center Bill Summary

    3. The Account Summary box on right shows number of open tickets, bills, locations, services, and open orders.

    Bill Center Account Summary

    4. Other Account Activity billing information shown includes details such as Type, Amount, Account, Description and Date, and also provides the option to Download a copy of your bill.

    Bill Center Recent Account Activity

    You can click on the Create Tab to either create a Ticket, to report any issues with accounts, contacts, orders, services and tickets, or to create a Payment.

    Bill Center Create Menu


    1. To create a ticket, first enter details required using the drop down menus under the General Information tab.

    Bill Center Create Ticket

    2. Once details for your ticket have been entered, click the Submit Ticket button.

    3. The Ticket Details page then will display all details of your new ticket, including the Ticket Number at the top.

    Bill Center Ticket Created

    4. If you wish to add any attachments such as photos or files to your ticket, scroll to the bottom of the page.

    Bill Center Ticket Details

    You can then add files by clicking the Choose Files button.

    If your ticket has already been submitted to the support team, you can add new info by clicking the Reply to Ticket Button. This will send any new info added to the Client Service Rep to whom your ticket is assigned.

    Bill Center Add Message

    5. After your ticket is updated, a notice will appear at the top of the page that states, "Message added to journal."

    Bill Center Message Added

    You can see your message by scrolling to the bottom of the page.

    Bill Center View Messages


    Bill Center Add Payment


    1. Click the View & Pay Bills tab to see a list of bills.

    Bill Center Bills

    2. To see the bill details, click on the dropdown arrow next to the bill, or click on the Account name hyperlink. The default view will show the Charge Overview Tab information.

    Bill Center Charge Overview

    To see additional information regarding the bill, click the Charges By Service tab.

    Bill Center Charges by Service

    3. To download an Excel file with bill details to your local desktop, click the Export button.

    Bill Center Excel Export

    4. If you prefer to download your bill as a PDF file, click the Options button to choose that file type.

    Bill Center Payment Downloads


    1. There are several different places where you can make a payment in BillCenter, including the tabs for Summary, Create, and View & Pay Bills.

    2. To make a payment, click the Make a Payment Button. This will open up the Add Payment Page.

    Bill Center Make a Payment

    3. Select a payment method (Credit Card or ACH) and enter your payment details.

    Bill Center Payment Method

    4. You can choose to save the payment info for future transactions by clicking to put a check in this box:

    Bill Center Save Payment

    5. Once your payment information has been entered, click the Submit Payment Button to securely transit your payment.


    1. Click on the Accounts menu option under the Account Details Tab.

    Bill Center Accounts

    2. You can view the Orders and Tickets associated to the account. To open either, simply click that link.

    3. The Export Button will export your account details to an Excel file and download to your local desktop.

    4. Click the Customer/Account Name Hyperlink to navigate to the Account Summary page.


    1. Click the Contacts menu option under the Account Details tab to open the Contacts page the account.

    Bill Center Contact Details

    2. Click the Show Details link to see the information on file for that contact, and to make any changes or updates needed.

    Bill Center Contacts


    1. Click the Orders menu option under the Account Details Tab. This will take you to the Orders Page.

    Bill Center Orders Overview

    Here you can see Order Summary information (New, Sent, Completed, Hold, Error). The Activation Calendar Panel shows if there are any orders for that day. Additionally there is an Upcoming Events Panel where the you can view information regarding any events/notifications from Accelecom Support. All orders on the Account will be listed in the Orders section of the page.

    Bill Center Orders

    2. You can export all order details to Excel by clicking the Export link

    3. Use the search bar to find Orders and filter them

    Bill Center Filter Results

    4. You can see your Order details by clicking on that order. Information regarding Address Information, Account Information, Services, Notes, History, and Attachments can be viewed here.

    Bill Center Order Details

    5. To upload a file attachment for your Order, click the Attachments Tab. Next, click the Upload button. Select the file you would like to Upload and click the Ok button.

    A message will appear "File uploaded successfully" at the top of the page. You can access the uploaded file in the Attachments Tab.


    1. Click the Services menu option under the Account Details Tab to access your Services Page. All Services on your account will be listed including the Service ID, Account, Details, and Status.

    Bill Center All Services

    2. To export the services to Excel, Click the Export Button. An Excel file will be downloaded to your local desktop.

    3. To filter the status of Services, click Show Dropdown Menu. You can select a view of Services that are either Active, Denied, Disconnected, Pending, or use the default to see All Services.

    4. To search for a service, use the Search Bar.

    Bill Center Services


    6. To view the details of a Service, click on the line item for the service. This will expand the view to provide Service Details along with associated Products.

    Bill Center Service Details

    7. Click the Options Button to Edit the Description or Create a Ticket related to that Service.

    Bill Center Account Details All

    1. Click the Reports tab to see any Scheduled Reports, Upcoming Reports or Shared Reports. Click the Report Name to access details for that Report.

    Bill Center Report Overview

    2. Report Filters include the start and stop date/time.

    Bill Center Reports Filters

    3. Click the Run Report Button to generate your report.

    Bill Center Reports

    4. Click the Export link to download an Excel file to your local desktop.

    1. Click the Downloads tab to see any files available for download. A list will appear if any files are available for download.

    2. Click on the File Name of the attachment or the Download Button to download the file to your desktop.

    Bill Center Downloads

    Click the Settings Tab to open the menu for Settings options.

    Bill Center Settings Menu

    Options and Settings

    1. To update your Client Account Options, click Options and Settings from the Settings tab dropdown menu.

    Bill Center Account Options

    2. After making your updates, click the Save Changes button.

    Manage Users

    1. Click the Manage Users menu option from the Settings Tab dropdown.

    Bill Center User List

    2. You can manage any Users that have access to the BillCenter portal, including active and inactive users.

    Bill Center Status

    3. If you have more than one account, you can filter by entity.

    Bill Center Entity Dropdown

    4. To filter results, use the Filter Bar.

    5. Click to export the list of users to Excel.

    6. To manage a User's information, click the View Button. Here you will find four tabs: General, Password, Additional, and Options. The default tab is General.

    Bill Center User Information

    7. Click on the Password Tab and select options for your User to update their password.

    Bill Center Password

    8. Click on the Additional Tab to enter in your User's Phone or Fax numbers.

    Bill Center Additional Info

    9. Click on the Options Tab to set the User to Active Status, or Uncheck if the User is no longer active.

    Bill Center User Options


    1. Click on the Profile option menu from the Settings Tab to manage your profile.

    Bill Center User Profile

    2. To set a new password, enter the information and then click the Save button.