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100G Symmetrical Geo-Redundant Fiber Network


Note: Accelecom does not service residential addresses.

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State and Local Government

As the network service provider with access and interconnection to the KentuckyWired state-wide fiber optic network, Accelecom provides city, state and local agencies with fast, reliable and secure access to manage your applications.

Covering Every County

Accelecom includes more than 3,200 miles of next-generation fiber touching every Kentucky county to serve cities and towns and rural areas in every corner of the state.

Services that Work for Kentucky

Accelecom provides a number of high capacity services using all new networking equipment to provide Internet access up to 10G as well as E-Line and E-LAN services to allow for point-to-point and any-to-any high-speed data communications. With data center connections in Northern Kentucky and Louisville, Accelecom has built in the network diversity needed in today’s high availability environment.


Accelecom offers eligible services including:

Ethernet 100M - 10G

Dedicated Internet Access 100M - 10G

Accelecom provides cost effective Ethernet and Dedicated Internet services to the schools and libraries in the state of Kentucky

As a certified E-rate provider Accelecom has the experience and technology to meet the growing demand for eligible services under the E-rate program

Our Commitment

Telecommunication Expertise

With decades of experience, Accelecom professionals partner with organizations to provide the infrastructure needed for reliable connectivity and communication solutions. We work diligently to help advance your digital initiatives.

24/7 Access

Even if your business is closed, we are always open. We have an excellent team of experienced professionals, each specializing in particular types of support. In all cases, we will work with your team to understand your needs and quickly resolve any issues. Our end-to-end SLA provides 99.99% network availability to give you the ultimate peace of mind.

99.99% Up-Time

Your expectation is to always be "on." Our statewide fiber network, built with 6 geo-redundant rings, ensures you are never ‘off’. This gives you the confidence that your large pieces of critical data are available in real time at all locations all the time.

For the Future

Leverage the scalability and simplicity of our Internet and Ethernet services to increase productivity. Needs are constantly changing. We make these changes simple. Each of our services are delivered with 10G capable equipment, allowing upgrades to any of them to be seamless. When you need to increase bandwidth on our network, it’s almost instant.

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