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Note: Accelecom does not service residential addresses.

Government Solutions

100G Symmetrical Geo-Redundant Fiber Network

State and Local Government:

As the network service provider with access and interconnection to the KentuckyWired state-wide fiber optic network, Accelecom provides city, state and local agencies with fast, reliable and secure access to manage your applications.

Accelecom includes more than 3,200 miles of next-generation fiber touching every Kentucky county to serve cities and towns and rural areas in every corner of the state.

Accelecom provides a number of high capacity services using all new networking equipment to provide Internet access up to 10G as well as E-Line and E-LAN services to allow for point-to-point and any-to-any high-speed data communications. With data center connections in Northern Kentucky and Louisville, Accelecom has built in the network diversity needed in today’s high availability environment.


Eligible services from Accelecom:

  • Ethernet 100M – 10G
  • Dedicated Internet Access 100M – 10G
  • Accelecom provides cost effective Ethernet and Dedicated Internet services to the schools and libraries in the state of Kentucky
  • As a certified E-rate provider Accelecom has the experience and technology to meet the growing demand for eligible services under the E-rate program