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Healthcare Internet, Ethernet, & Voice

We proudly connect all 120 counties in Kentucky.

How is your digital health?


In today’s landscape, many healthcare networks have reached their limits, prohibiting new technology adoption and exposing security weaknesses. From patient interaction to the accessing of medical data, to the role of medical devices in patient monitoring, network connectivity touches nearly every aspect of healthcare today. The measurements of success for these new technologies rely heavily on a rock-solid network and communications infrastructure, one that can be scaled to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry.

IT Expertise

With decades of experience, Accelecom professionals partner with healthcare organizations to provide the infrastructure needed for reliable connectivity and communication solutions. We work diligently to help advance your digital health initiatives. Delivering a seamless experience for clinicians, practitioners and patients is paramount.

99.99% Up-Time

As a healthcare entity, your expectation is to always be "on." Our statewide fiber network, built with 6 geo-redundant rings, ensures you are never ‘off’. This gives you the confidence that your large pieces of critical medical data are available in real time at all locations all the time. Your healthcare professionals can sleep at night knowing their only job is to worry about healthcare.

24/7 Access

Even if your business is closed, we are always open. We have an excellent team of experienced professionals, each specializing in particular types of support. In all cases, we will work with your team to understand your needs and quickly resolve any issues. Our end-to-end SLA provides 99.99% network availability to give you the ultimate peace of mind.

For the Future

Leverage the scalability and simplicity of our Internet and Ethernet services to increase productivity. Healthcare needs are constantly changing. We make these changes simple. Each of our services are delivered with 10G capable equipment, allowing upgrades to any of them to be seamless. When you need to increase bandwidth on our network, it’s almost instant.

Want to keep local dollars local and get access to high-level internet, ethernet, and voice services?

Dedicated Internet Access

The healthcare industry has stepped up to the challenges of a fast-changing and demanding landscape. Electronic Medical Records (EMRs/EHRs), telemedicine and other emerging technologies have expanded capabilities and rapidly changed the way you deliver care. In this quick-moving and highly regulated landscape, fast, secure, and reliable network infrastructure has become critical to the work you do—connecting both patients and providers while allowing you to meet new demands and keep your data secure. Accelecom Optical Internet, our Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) solution, delivers enterprise-grade connectivity, taking your business to the next level with the fast, reliable speeds you need. Symmetrical speeds up to 100 Gigabits per second (Gbps). Higher capacity bandwidth for large, interconnected locations. Custom network designs support continuity and recovery requirements. 24/7 proactive monitoring, resolution, and technical support.

Ethernet Wide Area Network (WAN)

Hospitals and health systems face the challenges of staying connected and delivering a consistent care experience — especially as industry consolidation becomes more pervasive. Reliable healthcare IT networks must be available and support ever-increasing bandwidth demands. Accelecom provides high-speed data transfer and redundant, high-bandwidth networks to deliver continuous real-time access to information. Accelecom also maintains HIPAA compatibility to meet your security requirements, and we can rapidly bring new facilities onto your network. From clinics and surgery centers to dialysis centers and beyond, outpatient facilities need to be seamlessly connected to ensure medical data is instantly accessible. We deliver the power of highly reliable uptime with Ethernet Services that support your EHR, administrative functions and Wi-Fi.

Hosted Voice Services

HIPAA guidelines have recently become more strict, which is costing healthcare organizations thousands in hefty fines and penalties. Did you know that the current HIPAA penalty range is from $100-$50,000 for every non-compliant healthcare record? The implications of fines that size could cost you your business. Take your PBX to the cloud with SIP trunking. Seamlessly transition your legacy PBX system into a powerful cloud system. Keep your phone system or transition to a new one. Did you also know that Accelecom partners have a secure HIPAA-compliant cloud phone solution for healthcare professionals and organizations? This is a secure phone system designed to help people easily receive, manage and optimize business phone calls.

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