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100G Symmetrical Geo-Redundant Fiber Network for Healthcare, Education, Enterprise, Agriculture, Government and Carriers


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Government Solutions

As the network service provider with access and interconnection to the KentuckyWired state-wide fiber optic network, Accelecom provides city, state and local agencies with fast, reliable and secure access to manage your applications. Accelecom includes more than 3,200 miles of next-generation fiber touching every Kentucky county to serve cities and towns and rural areas in every corner of the state.

Education Solutions

Accelecom’s 100% fiber optic network can help you meet the growing bandwidth demands that digital learning will place on your network. Our next generation fiber network provides the security needed in today’s education landscape while at the same time offering both Urban and rural communities the bandwidth speeds to face growing demand for online and cloud access.

Healthcare Solutions

Many healthcare networks have reached their limits, prohibiting new technology adoption and exposing security weaknesses. From patient interaction to the accessing of medical data, to the role of medical devices, network connectivity touches nearly every aspect of healthcare today. The measurements of success for these new technologies rely heavily on a rock-solid network and communications infrastructure, one that can be scaled to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry.

Enterprise Solutions

We rely on our advanced technology and our best and brightest minds to deliver high-speed broadband to companies and rural communities, through a fiber optic network that spans across all counties in the state of Kentucky. Whether your company is involved in agricultural, healthcare, finance or other small business activities, we have the capacity and flexibility to serve your businesses’ fiber transport and Internet needs, and can create a network built specifically for your company.

Agriculture Solutions

We have the capacity and flexibility to serve your businesses’ fiber transport and Internet needs, and can create a network built specifically for your company. We offer Metro Ethernet, Wide Area Network Ethernet, or Dedicated Internet Access to keep your business connected.

Carrier Solutions

Accelecom provides statewide area of coverage with more than 6,000 On-Net locations and 17k near net buildings, that coverage is based on our robust fiber optic network. We offer a superior product set utilizing NexGen deployed fiber and equipment to provide a premium level of service.

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