Understanding Your Accelecom Invoice/Bill

The Total Balance Due

In the top right-hand corner of your invoice is an outlined box with your due date, total amount due on your account (any prior charges plus new charges), and your Bill Number and Customer Number. If your account has a prior bill outstanding, that balance is included in the newest invoice's Total.

The Summary

"Previous Balance" is prior invoices/bills  that have not been paid and are thus a Balance Forward.

"New Charges" show charges for the associated invoice only. This is broken down into recurring charges such as the monthly services, non-recurring charges such as equipment or one-time fees, taxes and surcharges, and any discounts or credits applied. These charges sum up to your "Total New Charges", details of which are provided in the following sections under the Summary.

"Total Amount Due" is the sum of your Total New Charges and the Balance Forward. Details for the new charges are illustrated in the areas below the Summary section.

Multiple Locations

If you have multiple locations, charges will be broken down in each section (recurring, non-recurring, etc.) by location. Kindly note that it is the responsibility of the main customer account to pay invoices in full for any additional locations on the account.

Online Portal  is a convenient resource to simplify your account management. It provides historic payments and transactions, invoice details, and the option to set-up Autopay. Take a minute to set-up Autopay for your account, and eliminate the task of signing in and making manual payment each month.

Bill payment can be processed through the Online portal. You can create an online  portal account after you have received your welcome email. You will receive an email at the  email address that was provided for your account at the time of sale.

Bill payment can be made via ACH or Credit Card. Note that credit card payments will incur a 3% transaction fee in addition to the bill amount.


For questions on your bill, contact an Enterprise Services Representative at 888-349-9933, Option 3. For changes to your service, contact your Account Manager by dialing-888-349-9933 Option 1.

Thank you for choosing Accelecom!